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Comfortable Thick Cotton T-Shirts

Be hip and cool, as you type away on your solar keyboard while sporting one of our unique t-shirts from The Official Site of the A T Junkie Podcast. Not only does wearing one of our shirts show off your love of the show, but it also lets others know what your interests are.

Appealing Look of the Shirts

Our shirts are made from ultra-cotton, which means they do not shrink in the wash and are long-lasting. We carry shirts in every size from small to 4XL. Each shirt has both print and braille on the front, and we use a puffing agent in the ink to make the writing tactile and easy-to-feel. The word "Braille" is across the chest and text that's unique to the shirt's type is under it. All shirts have our website and logo on them as well. All prices include first-class shipping within the U.S.

Colors and Styles for Your Personal Taste

The Best 6 Pack: This is a dark teal t-shirt. The text on it reads, "The Best 6-pack you'll ever put your hands on."

The Bumpy Road to Success: These are available in both charcoal and navy blue colors. The text on it reads, "BRAILLE The bumpy road to success."

AT Junkie: A white shirt, it has our logo on the front in both print and braille. The text is navy blue in color.

Combination T-Shirt Package

If you are interested in both of our designs, grab them at the same time. The package comes with both the navy The Bumpy Road to Success shirt and the AT White shirt.